The strike crisis in Europe

Transport strike crisis in Europe: Taxi drivers in the major capitals and metropolises of Europe went on strike to protest the companies that offer taxi services over the internet.

In addition to London's famous black taxis, the drivers of the taxis of Rome, Paris and Berlin went on strike. The strike targeted the California-based Uber company, which provides taxi services through its smartphones app.

It was stated that the Uber company came after the announcement that it has one of the biggest values, namely 12 billion Euros, for a technology company that has just entered the trade.

German broadcasting advice DW, 2009 inaugurated in the Uber application, the tool allows direct communication with the world, across the world to remind that there are many companies offering services.

While taxi drivers in Berlin and Hamburg decided to form convoys, 10 thousand taxis or motorcycles on the roads in France took action within the scope of this service.

Taxi drivers working in traditional ways can only get the passengers who had booked in advance and the customer could not stop the taxi on the road.

Drivers who do not have a license, taxi drivers need to pay for the license 240 thousand euros are not required to pay.

The taxi drivers, who also struck in Rome, the capital of Italy, took 10 euros per trip and reduced the prices of their rivals. In Milan, taxi drivers struck all day. Traffic was also blocked in Hamburg due to the formation of convoys.

In addition to the railway strike in Paris, the trains to Paris suburbs joined the strike, and a queue for many kilometers was formed on the roads leading to Orly and Charles de Gaules Airport and entering Paris from yesterday morning in the capital.

Drivers and railroad users had a particularly difficult Wednesday, especially in Paris. The double strike by the railroad and taxis caused great discomfort in the capitalists.

The ongoing train strike since Tuesday evening is supported by four unions.

Next week, the call of the unions in the protest against the railway reform proposed to unite two different railway administrations and operations under a single roof throughout the country paralyzed life in the capital.

French taxis 'drivers' federations protest against unfair competition. Taxis departing from Charles De Gaulle and Orly airports in Paris caused long queues at the entrance to the city.

Taxis began to gather at the last meeting points opposite the Eiffel Tower.

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