Kayseri Rail System at Talas on September 15

Kayseri Rail System is in Talas on 15 September: It was reported that the University-Cemil Baba Cemetery section of the Talas line, the third stage of the light rail system, the groundbreaking project of Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality in urban transportation, will be put into service on 3 September 15.

The June meeting of the Talas Municipal Council was held by the President Dr. It was conducted under the presidency of Mustafa Palancıoğlu. Metropolitan Municipality Rail System Department Head Arif Emecen attended the meeting as a speaker. Emecen, who gave information to the council members about the Talas line works of the rail system, which is a quality and fast transportation, reminded that the 7,5-kilometer line was tendered in 2011 and said that the 4-kilometer section up to the university was put into service in February. Emecen said, “As of today, we are carrying around 38 thousand passengers per day with 110 vehicles. We placed an order for 30 new vehicles ”.

Emecen stated that the works are currently continuing in the section between the girls' dormitory and Cemil Baba Cemetery and that they are planning to ensure that the rail system vehicles pass through the right and left of the middle pavement to protect the trees here. Emecen also noted that in the Talas project, rail system vehicles and rubber-wheeled vehicles will progress in mixed traffic, and emphasized that this application will be done for the first time in Talas, not on the old 34 km line in Kayseri. Noting that they will implement the mixed traffic system only in Talas, Emecen said, "We will switch to the mixed traffic system to carry this load due to the increase in population and rapid development".

Emecen also gave information about the completion date of the University-Cemil Baba Cemetery department and said, “Our plan is to open the line on September 15, 2014 and carry passengers. If there are any technical problems, we plan to make it ready for test drives at this date at the latest. Projects related to the homeland were also prepared. We aim to enter the Public Procurement Authority within two weeks. I wish this investment to be beneficial to Talas and our city ”.

Talas Mayor Dr. Mustafa Palancıoğlu also thanked Emecen for the information he gave to Emecen, expressing that the historical and cultural richness of the rail system will add a different comfort and comfort to Talas.



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