Sivas-Divriği Raybüs Sefer Saatleri Changed

Sivas-Divriği Raybüs Sefer Saatleri Changed: Raybüs's recently changed, replacing the mixed-track train. The serious decline in the duration of the 4 hour trip between Sivas and Divriği increased the interest in the railroad. Anatolian sets of domestic production, Sivas-Divriği line began shortly before the expedition. TCDD, a subsidiary of Turkey Wagon Industry have all the comforts of sets produced by the Corporation of Anatolia caused the disappearance of the old model trains. Anatolian sets, which are much faster than the old-style trains, gained great interest after they started to work between Divriği and Sivas. The journey of 2 hours 15 minutes in total, people began to guide people to train journeys. TCDD's face was filled with voyages between Sivas and Divriği. Raybüs stands between Sivas and Divriği, at the Ulaş, Kangal and Çetinkaya stations. Moving hours of Sivas and Divriği was changed to 08: 45 with 19: 00 in the morning.


TCDD, a subsidiary of Turkey Wagon Industry Corporation of by (TÜVASAŞ) production belirtildi.yerl has all the comforts of produced Anatolia sets more comfortable than the Anatolian set and it offers a faster service, short and medium-haul transportation to reduce the operating costs, the railroad increased its share of passenger transport by The longest tunnel on the conventional lines, including the 5,5-kilometer Deliktaş Tunnel, which is close to the completion of the 50-kiler-Kangal variant of Sivas-Divriği converged between the Anatolian sets of travel time between the 5 hours 2 hours 16 hours were expressed.

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