Commitment to Collaboration in the EU with Shift2Rail


After a meeting in Luxembourg on 6 June, the European Union (EU) Council officially enacted the regulation on the Shift2Rail Joint Working Commitment for Research in the Railway Sector.

In order to provide better and economically feasible rail systems and management, the Council of the European Union enacted a regulation on public-private partnership in the R & D field.

Alstom with EU, Bombardier, Network Rail and Siemens will establish a partnership known as the joint work commitment of the eight industry partners Shift2Rail.

The aim here is to provide the necessary developments in railway technology in order to achieve three main objectives. Strengthening the capacity of the European rail network to meet the growing demand, increasing the reliability and quality of railway services and significantly reducing the life cycle of the system:

The new organization will be officially established in July and will be central Brussels. The new organization will manage the development, demonstration and proof of new technologies and solutions. These studies will be funded by the EU under the EU's Horizon 2015 budget.

Duties and powers of the partnership will end at 31 December 2024.


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