Şemikler starts counting down for İZBAN subway

The countdown has begun for the schemes İZBAN underpass:Karşıyaka In Şemikler, the connection with Bostanlı and Demirköprü is re-established by underpass.

Karşıyaka The pedestrian transportation, which was interrupted due to the crossing of the İZBAN line in Şemikler, is provided by the underpass completed by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. The underpass, which contains 160 difficulties and 191 concrete columns during construction, which has many difficulties due to physical conditions, will be put into service in the coming days after environmental regulations. The authorities, who also completed the suspension of the railway line, which was described as the most difficult part of the work in the construction of the pedestrian underpass, which was started to be built on the ground crossing, which was closed by reconciliation at the meetings of İzmir Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu with the residents of Şemikler, completed all reinforced concrete productions, including the tunnel. After the landscaping, the underpass will start to serve the local people.

Within the scope of the project, the pedestrian underpass was constructed to connect Erdogan Akkaya Street, the Central Mosque and the marketplace to 6418 Street. Approx. 5 meter 6 meter of passageway width made from ground underneath. A tunnel of about 32 meters was constructed for the underpass.

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