Seat Belt and Speed ​​Control

Seat Belt and Speed ​​Control: Eskişehir Provincial Directorate of Security teams, the seat belt and speed with the applications of the driver and passengers to inform, not to comply with the rules of legal action is doing.
In the statement made about the subject, it was reminded that with the Prime Ministry Circular on "Road Traffic Safety Strategy and Action Plan" published on May 30, 2012, it is required to carry out a mobilization study across the country to reduce traffic accidents by 2020 percent until 50. For this reason, in the statement that the years 2013 and 2014 were determined as 'Seat belt' and 'Speed ​​Control' years, “In this direction; Brochures were distributed in order to increase the use of seat belts in order to reduce the death and injury rates in traffic accidents that may occur within our city center area of ​​responsibility, and to raise awareness and a sense of the perceived risk of detection among drivers and passengers. An implementation was carried out by the Traffic Inspection Branch Office with the participation of the Traffic Registration Branch Directorate and the Regional Traffic Inspection Branch Directorate personnel. In the application, the necessary legal action has been taken from the relevant articles of the Highway Traffic Law No. 2918 regarding informing the drivers and passengers, distribution of brochures and the detected malfunctions.

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