Santiago 2013 published report on derailment of train in Spain

📩 25/11/2018 20:48

A report on the derailment of the train in Spain in Santiago 2013 was published: 24 The Final Investigation Report 2013 on the accident in Santiago de Compostela on July 4 was published by the Ministry of Transport in June 2014. 79 people died in the accident.

24 On July 2013, a train at 80 km / h with the speed limit of 180 km / h in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, led to a train failure and 79 injured the person to death. Finally, the Ministry of Transport published the Investigation Report.

This 266 sheet document is the only reason human derailment in the event of derailment. The report says mamış the staff responsible for driving has not complied with the rules available in the train schedule and the route plan Rapor.

The driver's careless behavior due to the phone call he received seconds before the track was defined as the contributing factor to the accident in the technical investigation.

Although no other factor was identified other than the human factor, the CIAF, the organization responsible for the investigation, provided 9 with separate recommendations.

Adif, who was responsible for Spain's rail system infrastructure management, was both notified of these recommendations. The first one recommends that fixed signals be installed to indicate the maximum permissible speed, while the latter recommends that sharp beacons are placed for speed control. These will use the national ATP system Asfa.

Renfe, Spain's Railway Network Operator, has also received two suggestions. They recommend that the operator consider installing a video recorder in the cabins and improve internal coordination between the staff.

In addition, five proposals for the Ministry of Transport were notified. They aim to ensure that necessary notifications are made to ensure the implementation of Adif and Renfe's recommendations and to implement a further strengthened risk assessment process before opening a new high-speed train line.

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