Roadside studies were discussed

Power in the road work was discussed: Trabzon Highways Regional Director visited the district of Güce. Together with the Regional Director of Highways, Bayramçavuş and the accompanying Highways delegation, they visited the district of Güce in order to see the road problems of the district and to see the road between the construction and the ongoing construction of Gölağzı Güce.
Highways 10 who visited the Mayor of Güce Municipality Aytekin Geçgel in his office. The Regional Director was informed about the road works that Güce needed.
Regional Director Selahattin Bayramchavus came to see the problems in person, said they would do what is necessary to solve the problems. Selahattin Bayramçavuş stated that there are some problems with the road works in the power and that it is known by everyone.
Mayor Aytekin Geçgel stated that they were pleased with the visit of the Regional Director of the Highways to the district and stated that they wanted the district people to complete the road works as soon as possible.
Mayor Geçgel said, "We made examinations on the highway that is under construction between the Ring Road and Gölağzı Güce, which will pass through the district center, and the Regional Director of Highways Bayramçavuş who visited our district. We delivered the file we prepared in line with the road needs of our district to the Regional Manager. Stating that our Regional Manager will focus on the issue with sensitivity, he stated that the road problem of Güce district will be started and completed in a short time. "

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