Renault Twizy in Turkey

Renault Twizy
Renault Twizy

Renault Twizy in Turkey: Renault Twizy, an electric quadricycle 2% environmentally friendly zero CO100 release / 4-wheeled vehicles with exceptional design. Twizy creates its own segment with its comfortable, fun, bold and innovative two-seat design.

Twizy is the most suitable solution to the traffic problem in metropolitan cities! The ultracompact Twizy can be parked even in a very small space. In Twizy, safety is given importance with the driver's front airbag and four-point front seat belt and three-point rear seat belt for the rear passenger.

In addition to the unique design of the Renault Twizy, a unique twizy can be created with a personalization feature.
Twizy is an outstanding UDO (Unidentified Driving Object) developed by Renault Sport Technologies. Twizy, which has an attractive design with gull-wing doors, got its name from its two biggest features: easy to use (Easy-Easy) and a two-person ultramobile (Twin) Twizy is offered to the market with a single engine and single equipment level: 17 hp, maximum speed 80km / h The only version of Twizy "Life"

Renault Twizy has 100km.lik range. Twizy can be completed in less than 3½ hours. The 6.1kw / s lithium-ion battery can be charged from any electrical outlet of the 220V.

Twizy, will be sold from June 26, 2014, Turkey. It is sold with the Renault Twizy battery and starts at € 13.700 including the battery. Renault's brand new design Twizy is produced in Valladolid, Spain.

Twizy: 100% fun, 100% private

Twizy is the 100 electrically engineered from head to toe, and it's a vehicle with urban transportation, and Twizy is unique in the market. First introduced as an avant-garde concept at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show, Twizy stands out at Renault showrooms in mid-June. Targeting both women and men, as well as young people and professionals, Twizy does not have a special target audience - Twizy is not only exceptional but also for anyone looking for real, economic and environmentally friendly entertainment!

A unique transportation concept that is much faster than a car offers ...

It is possible to be both quiet and make a splash! Twizy offers city dwellers a new, unique urban transportation solution. The ultra-compact (length = 2.34m / width = 1.24m) Twizy can fit into very small spaces and park in a tiny space. Going from zero to 45km/h (equivalent to the performance of a 50cc scooter at a distance of 125 metres) takes just six seconds: the Twizy is an incredibly impressive four-wheeler! On a typical urban journey, 25% of the time – including parking – is given to the driver. kazanIt whistles and doesn't waste a drop of fuel. Thanks to its panoramic view angle, thin windscreen columns, open architecture and 3.4 meters turning circle, agility in traffic turns into a lifestyle.

Twizy is safer than two or three-wheelers

Twizy takes advantage of Renault's exceptional expertise in vehicle safety. In addition to its unique appearance and environmentalism, Twizy offers a combination of two-wheel vehicle agility and the safety and comfort of a conventional car. First of all, the four wheels are of course much more balanced than two or three wheels. In addition, Twizy is embracing the road thanks to disc brakes and special development inputs of Renault Sport Technologies. Twizy provides a complete protection around the two seats with its extraordinary proportion. Twizy features a driver's front airbag and a four-point front seat belt and a three-point rear seat belt for the rear passenger. Twizy's doors offer additional protection against both external influences and airflow. In addition, there are 3.5V power supplies in the two glove boxes (5 and 12 liters, the second lockable) on the front panel and an 31 liter luggage compartment behind the passenger seat.

Customized design

Twizy users have the freedom to choose their own personalization feature inside and outside the vehicle. From ceiling and doors, to aluminum wheels, and even to glove compartment covers and seat covers, many areas can be customized in different colors depending on the user's wishes. With gates that look like seagull and glamorous urban view, Twizy is a classy and unique model, no one can get his eyes from him Mart

Single engine, single equipment level Tek

Twizy offers a single engine option:
Twizy's engine is at 13kW (17bg) power. The maximum torque is 57Nm, the maximum speed is 80km / h.
Twizy offers a single version as the equipment level: the da Life seviy version. Personalization options are available as 13 '' aluminum wheels (in different colors), Bluetooth music system and metallic paint option.

Charging and Range

The vehicle has a city range of 100 km. 6.1kW/h lithium-ion battery and energy during braking/speed reduction kazanThe Twizy user can reach an average range of 80 km in daily life, by observing the principles of economical driving, thanks to the IM system. (Range may vary in line with road conditions, driving style and speed factors.) It is possible to reach a range of 55 km, even in the most difficult road conditions.

Twizy can be completed in less than 3½ hours. One of the most important features that make Twizy different is that it can charge from any electrical outlet of 220V. Twizy, 220V home outlet compatible with the integrated three-meter battery charging cable is sold.

Twizy adapts to every need and desire

It is also possible to listen to music on Twizy. Sound system for two-speaker portable devices as an option; It allows listening to music from Bluetooth or USB. Zippered door glasses sold as accessories are highly functional in rainy and windy weather… Twizy, which is a perfect proof that it can be both lean and stylish at the same time, adapts to every need and demand.

The latest creation of Renault Sport Technologies

Twizy was formed in Renault's motorsport department. From the initial information on the chassis and performance characteristics drawn by Renault Sports Technologies, the development of Twizy was entrusted to expert hands, ranging from the engine and reliability to the same dynamos as the F1 engines. From the very beginning, the mission was to bring out an easy-to-use (EASY-EASY) as well as a two-person ultramobil (TWIN-TWIN).
The new product of this refined technology, in addition to its other strengths, includes active and passive safety systems that deserve the Renault legacy. With its low weighted battery, Twizy offers a unique concept, thanks to the surprising acceleration of the electric motor (13kW, 57Nm).

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