Railroad Unionists Performed Seated Action in Front of Tcdd Regional Directorate

Railway unionists of TCDD Regional Directorate Front Seating action was to: Adana, Transport Workers Officers Union (Transportation-Officer-Sen) Chairman's, Warehouse Chief of the mission, due to his appointment to Draw Receiving Manager in United Transport Workers' Union (BTS), members of the Republic of Turkey He made a press release and a sit-in in front of the State Railways (TCDD) 6th Regional Directorate.

Transportation-Officer Sen member of a person from the deputy chief, Cer Delivery to the appointment of the Director of the Directorate, caused various controversy within the institution. BTS members who opposed the appointment, TCDD 6. Gathered in front of the Regional Directorate. Speaking on behalf of the group who gave a variety of slogans BTS Adana Branch President Tonguç Özkan, in the institution of the Officer-Sen members of lodging, claimed that the privilege in terms of assignment and title issues. Ozkan, who alleged that the person claimed to have been appointed as Cer Fetching Director with the privilege and who previously made efforts for EYS expertise, claimed that this initiative was prevented by reacting. Ozkan, said:

“For years, although his title was the warehouse chief, unfairly, he was acting as a traction controller. Memur-Sen made an attempt for the IMS expertise within 2 years after he came to Adana Branch, but as a result of our objections, he could not perform the EYS expertise in line with his own interests; He is trying to come to the Regional Directorate as the Service Manager or the Deputy Director by deception. We know that the applications made by the institution both in lodgings, transfers, titles and assignments are entirely through Memur-Sen. We have been protesting this for years. Although we have repeatedly expressed the discrimination here to both the regional administrators and the managers at the headquarters, we could not make a barley way. If the person concerned is accidentally appointed to any directorship, we will not recognize his directorship. "

The group then TCDD 6 for a while. After sitting in front of the Regional Directorate of slogans, he shouted slogans without incident.

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