Bozüyükte Paving Works Continues

📩 21/12/2018 17:34

Bozüyükte Paving Works Continues: As part of the road regulation work by the Municipality of Bozuyuk initiated throughout the district paving work continues.
Asphalting and asphalt patching works carried out by Bozüyük Municipality's Directorate of Science Affairs teams and asphalting, asphalt patching and regional asphalting works in the areas caused by natural conditions or infrastructure works and natural gas excavations are continuing. Yediler Mahallesi 530. After the street has been opened to traffic, 534. The street and the new neighborhood of Arıklar Street, as well as a paving of the road in a clean and neat way was offered to the use of citizens. Asphalt paving and regional paving studies were carried out in parallel with the asphalting works and these roads were opened to traffic by working on the roads that were deformed in Yeni Mahalle, Tekke Neighborhood, 4 Eylül Mahallesi and Yenidoğan Neighborhood.
The roads that have been smoothed by the regulation work are also made more safe for the drivers and made available to the citizens.

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