Protected at Ankara Bus Station

Protest at Ankara Hike Bus Stop in Ankara: Consumer Rights Association (THD) protested the transportation hike at Kizilay bus stops. Stating that the capital is one of the few most expensive cities in transportation, members of the association said they would sue for the cancellation of the hike.

THD members coming together at the bus stop in front of Çankaya Municipality building, 'We do not want to be transport poor', 'Transportation is not sold right' banners opened.

THD President Turhan Cakar, transportation fees reminded of hikes. Ankara with the latest hike, public transport in Turkey is one of the most expensive with age, indicating that the two provinces' UKOME and municipal authorities without shame, conscience say that they shuttle from cheap tingle. According to this latest increase decision, the public buses and minibuses used in the public boarding and subway boarding passes for the metro and Ankaray have increased by 14.3 percent. The rate of increase in discounted fees for students and teachers is 15,4. A single boarding fee for municipal buses, metro and Ankaray has been increased by 30. ”

Hike hikes, indicating that the minimum paid families hit Çakar, the minimum wage if the family does not have any other income 11.35 percent of the salary between 23.6 percent of the transportation fee will pay as he said.

Ankara's urban transport with this last zai Era one of Turkey's most expensive city, saying that, it was also noted that the world's become one of the most expensive capital in transportation. Adding that the right to transport can not be prevented Çakar, the hike will apply to the cancellation of the hike, he said.

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