Male Interest in the Pink Tram

pink tram
pink tram

Male Interest in Pink Tram: SP Provincial Organization members launched a signature campaign 'We want a pink tram for women to use' in Cumhuriyet Square. It was surprising that more men than women showed interest in this campaign regarding this campaign, which will last for 5 days. President Mahmut Arıkan made statements. For the pink tram, Arıkan said, “Our citizens we talked with on this subject conveyed us that there is such a need.

Especially in the morning and evening hours, our sisters, sisters, aunts, pregnant women and the elderly who travel by tram experience difficulties. They wanted us to work on this issue and requested a pink tram. We took this request as a duty and started a petition to add a pink tram for women to the existing wagons to deliver it to the competent authorities. Thanks to this wagon, our sisters can easily get on and off the trams. In other words, women will be able to travel by normal or pink tram. The negativities experienced in traveling with the pink tram will also disappear. As the Felicity Party, we will strive and follow the issue of adding the pink tram to the existing wagons. "

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