OGS owners can pay attention!

Pay attention to OGS owners! Borrower can exit: Banks to cancel OGS devices with insufficient funds explode dearly to vehicle owners. The drivers who are accepted to make illegal passes have to pay fines between 500 TL and 2 thousand TL.
Complaint According to the news: OGS owners who gave the bank automatic payment instructions, infuriating debts are facing. Banks, credit card renewal or balance of citizens who are inadequate OGS device is canceled. The drivers who are not aware of this situation are counted as escape passes and penalties from 500 TL to 2 thousand TL.
Complaints claiming that the penalties are not delivered to them by the General Directorate of Highways, stating that they realized the situation by chance, demanding the return of the fees paid.
Drivers who stated that they were victims, complained as follows:
O OGS device was canceled without my knowledge 1500 TL penalty cut ceza
“Without my knowledge of the bank, 2013 in April 057216 has canceled my OGS device with the label number. Therefore, due to the fact that I do not have any information 25 / 05 / 2013-18 / 01 / 2014 between the dates of the box office crossings I have been considered as illegal passes, I have been punished around 1500 TL, and unfortunately I was informed by chance. I want an urgent return to my side for the solution of this issue. Why do you make people so victimized and act without giving information? Neden
“My OGS device entered the black list of 1258 TL took out debt”
“The bank I bought 05292011
They canceled my direct debit authorization on my OGS device with the label number without my knowledge. Because of my renewed credit card and not being informed about blacklisting of my device, I had to pay 1258 lira penalty from highways. They said they were going to get a discount and get down to the 1000 pound. In addition, the paper did not come 7 months later the document was sent. However, despite the balance again, they cut the 165 lira penalty. When we called the Directorate they reported that there could be a setback, I complain. ”
Ediy I demand that the fee be returned ”
“OGS I received from the bank was canceled without informing me. Based on this, my passes through toll highways and bridges have been recorded with penalties. The amount reflected on my side is 932,25 TL and I request the bank to actively return the OGS registered in my name after deducting the reflected fine amount. "
"I was fined 500 TL without automatic payment to OGS"
“I canceled my card, which I bought from the bank and connected my OGS device, because I had other cards from the same bank, and gave an instruction to transfer all the payments from the connected card to the other card. Unfortunately, because the card was canceled and OGS payments were not made, although I did not use it frequently, I made a 500 TL penalty payment and paid 75 TL for a new OGS device. I submitted a written petition to my branch. The answer I got was that it was asked to be canceled by the General Directorate of Highways. I said that this instruction was received because the bank did not pay. They said we can't do anything and gave them a customer service number. I had to correct the penalty for the work they did not do by paying 500 TL. I want this to be fixed. "
“OGS cut penalty due to lack of balance”
“I was subjected to illegal passage penalty (127,5 TL) between Istanbul Çamlıca-Sultanbeyli toll booths, since I did not know about these transactions. In order to convert this fine to the normal toll, OGS account had to be re-activated or a new OGS to be opened to the same plate. However, it was stated that these two operations were not possible and I had to pay the fine. "

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