Ödemiş Göliçte Waiting For The Bridge

The people of İncilipınar are waiting for the bridge in Ödemiş Gölcük: Approximately 35 families living in İncilipınar area of ​​Gölcük Neighborhood, famous for its crater lake in Ödemiş, said that they were in a situation of suffering due to the failure to build their bridges that were destroyed due to rainfall.
Mehmet Taşdemir, one of the residents of the neighborhood, stated that they asked for help to build bridges many times before the Gölcük Municipality was closed, and said, “We brought this up many times when Gölcük Municipality was serving here before. But we did not get any results. Finally, we applied to the Ödemiş District Governor 2 months ago, and we could not get results in the same way. If an emergency patient or fire breaks out here, neither fire brigade nor ambulance can enter. As residents of the neighborhood, we believe that families of 30 or 40 people living here have the right to receive services like human beings. " said.
This year's heavy rainfall increased the water level in the lake, while overflowing waters affected settlements and tea gardens around the lake. Ayşe Uzun and Mehmet Taşdemir, residents of the neighborhood, said, “During the last rains, water entered only a certain part of the house by the stream. However, if the flood from above were strong, we could have been damaged in a different way, ”he said.
Stating that they have been deprived of even a bridge for many years and stating that they are victims despite being only 5 kilometers from the district, Mehmet Akça said, “We previously petitioned the Ödemiş District Governorship on separate dates as residents of the neighborhood. We could not see any movement towards doing it. As citizens living here, we love our neighborhood. Let them listen to our cry ”he said.



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