Engineers examined Istanbul-Gebze-Orhangazi-Izmir highway works

Engineers Istanbul-Gebze-Orhangazi-Izmir viewed work on the highway: Orhangazi Chamber of Civil Engineers Bursa Branch members, Turkey's most important, one of the transportation projects Istanbul-Gebze-Orhangazi-Izmir highway project in the Gulf Crossing Suspension Bridge organized a technical trip to the construction.
Engineers who examined the construction of the Gulf Suspension Bridge, which will reduce the time between Istanbul-Bursa to 1 hours and Istanbul-Izmir between 3.5 hours, had the opportunity to see the works closely. Erdoğan Dedeoğlu briefing chief of bridges on the road before the trip, the engineers heard the detailed information about the project. Dedeoglu, Izmit Bay Crossing Suspension Bridge construction of the 1250 person, the total project is working day and night 4500 person, bridge construction, and the sea at the same time, noted that the construction progresses simultaneously. Dedeoglu, the project will be held within the scope of the Izmit Bay Crossing Suspension Bridge 1550 meter middle span and total 2682 meter length of the world's largest mid span suspension bridge between the 4. he said it would take place.
Kule TOWER FOUNDATIONS ARE INSTALLED kes Dedeoğlu, who provided information about the works, lar When completed, the foundations of the tower canon, which is one of the most important building elements of the bridge which will connect the Gulf of İzmit to the 1 Iersek Bunıu on the south coast of the bay of Dilovası, firstly in the dry pool in the south then completed at the 2 stage in the wet pool at Kavtazdere. Then, the base of the tower caissons were brought to the bridge tower points and placed in the sea floor which was improved by the steel stakes and granular filler material that were previously drilled to the sea's 40 meter depth by the very precise immersion technique method and the manufactures continued at sea at this stage. Eri
WIND AND EARTHQUAKE RESISTANT The Nurol, Özaltın, Mak-yol, Yüksel, Astaldi and Göçay companies, which constitute the company, undertook the İzmit Bay Crossing Suspension Bridge. he said that he was built to be tested and designed to be resistant to large-scale earthquakes. When the Gebzc-Orhangaziİzmir Motorway is completed, it will be a total of 384 kilometers, including the 49 kilometer highway and the 433 kilometer linkage road. İMO Bursa Branch members who participated in the tour said that the construction of the suspension bridge is the engineering success, and that following the studies closely is very useful for professional development.

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