Most of them are gone but İZBAN flights will be frequent

Most of them are left, but will the İZBAN flights become more frequent: Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu examined the works carried out for the extension of İZBAN line, which was carried out in the partnership of TCDD and İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, to the Torbalı (Tepeköy) which is the biggest urban transportation project in the history of the Republic. .

Kocaoglu, ım In our opinion, the work is over. Of course this is a joint project. When we finish together, we will achieve the common goal. We were planning to finish our own business as 2014 June, and we fit the calendar. TCDD is also trying to quickly complete the electrification and signaling, quickly. When they say 'OK' we will start the trial flights. Onlar

İzmirliler asking
Mayor Kocaoglu's glad tidings, while the people of İzmir are asking: mı Well, will the expeditions become frequent?: The frequency of the voyage in İZBAN is not the desired level. The ultimate goal of the project is to provide 550 thousand passengers a day from the beginning and the infrastructure needs to be regulated accordingly. İZBAN is also making investments according to this target. For this purpose, the 33 set was started and the trains started to arrive. However, the low signal level signaling system could not be restored by TCDD. Even the system that is currently in Torbalı even more advanced level. So when Torbalı stations are opened, two different signaling systems will operate on the same line. The signaling on the Torbali line will allow for more frequent train operations, while trains will enter the 40-10 minute dam from Cumaovasi. Experts in the business therefore think that 12 is not able to increase the frequency of the voyage, but also the 40 set.

It won't help
This is because the current signaling system on the line with the trains of İZBAN is now allowing one time per minute to the 6-7. In addition to İZBAN, TCDD's regional and national freight trains work on the same line. IZBAN 196 during the day, TCDD'nin find 69. This causes the frequency of İZBAN voyages to fall to one 10-12 per minute. Acak Therefore, unless the TCDD changes the signaling system, the new train sets for İZBAN will be of no use at all. The people of İzmir will continue to wait İzmir. The speed differences between TCDD and İZBAN trains also create a delay. The current signaling, even when a TCDD train enters, blocks the block immediately before and immediately after that train. Given the length of the TCDD trains, closed blocks can sometimes be miles. If the TCDD train goes slow, the busyness of the blocks is increasing
İZBAN train is delayed. The main purpose in rail systems such as Metro and İZBAN is to do business in general. 15 3 5 180 360 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX The new sets will probably create some relief, but it doesn't seem possible that an investment in XNUMX million dollars (XNUMX million TL) can be taken without increasing the frequency of the trip.



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