Karacaağaçlılar in Milas Want the Second Bridge

Karacaağaçlılar in Milas Want the Second Bridge: The residents of the Karacaağaç Neighborhood of Milas are experiencing difficulties because they use the same road as the trucks that deliver coal from the mine site.
Citizens, who state that the safety of life and property are often in danger, demand that trucks carrying coal be shipped separately.
Citizens living in the Karacaağaç neighborhood of Milas are having a hard time because they use the same road as coal trucks from the mine site. It is very satisfied that the trucks carrying excavation from the mine site until one year ago are on their way to another road by the built bridge channel and demanding the construction of the second bridge to pass the coal trucks.
Karacaağaçlılar said that the measures taken at the intersection of citizens and coal-carrying trucks were insufficient, pointing out that the measures raised after the problems mentioned were still insufficient, underlining that the second bridge would be the fundamental solution. In addition, the road signs on the road to create confusion on the road to Karacaağaç, so that some of the vehicles can enter the road of the coal field citizens, the transportation of the direction that will be directed to the right wants to place signs.
Citizens, who recently stated that they used most of the road together with trucks and that coal fell from large trucks due to overloading; Uz The road is now separated, and we only meet trucks at the junction. But the roads are in the middle of the road. At night, trucks shipped at night due to insufficient lighting at the intersection. This incident threatens the safety of life and property. In addition, our vehicles are covered with a thick layer of mud as a result of irrigation work on the road in the form of dust. As those who use this path, we are victims of Karacaağaçlılar for years.

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 13:27

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