Has Metrobus Waiting Time Shortened?

Metrobus Stops
Metrobus Stops

Metrobus, the most important pillar of urban public transportation in Istanbul, has divided users into two. While a section passenger complains about the density, another section; “We are content with our life,” he says.

The metrobus, which makes 52 trips per day with 535 vehicles on the 8 km Söğütlüçeşme-Beylikdüzü Line and carries approximately 906 thousand passengers, brought along a service dilemma among the passengers. Earlier, in the Hayri Baraçlı era, an exemplary model was created by reducing the waiting time and travel time of the passengers in the system, which was created with the understanding of "Flexible structure", and this application achieved its goal. However, over time, the approach of the practitioners to the subject caused problems in this system.

The new General Manager Mümin Kahveci stated that by identifying the problems on the spot, the practitioners will fix these problems as soon as possible and the work started with TÜBİTAK within this framework will continue. coffee shop; “The troubles experienced from time to time guide us to provide better service. Therefore, we take these events as a warning and correct the necessary problems immediately. Our passenger's complaint is very important to us.

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