Second Death in Marmaray

marmaray tup
marmaray tup

Second death in Marmaray: Another death occurred in Marmaray, which was introduced as the project of the century, Gürkan Kazel, who worked as a mechanic, died. Yusuf Adalı, who previously worked as a machinist in Marmaray, died.

President Abdullah Gul and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's 29 October 2013 opened the Marmaray tube parade the day before the second machine death occurred. Shortly after the opening of Marmaray, the mechanic Joseph Adalı had lost his life by having a heart attack.

Machinist Gürkan Kazel, born in 1968, attempted to wake his friend from his sleep before work, which will start at 06:00 on Tuesday. Realizing the situation at that moment, his friend immediately called an ambulance. However, when the ambulance arrived, Kazel had already passed away. The prosecutor requested that Kazel be taken to the hospital for a preliminary autopsy to find out the cause of death. After the preliminary autopsy examinations of Kazel, who was taken to Kartal and Training and Research Hospital, he was sent to the Forensic Medicine Institute in Yenibosna in order to understand the cause of death in detail.



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