Work Continues on Korkuteli-Bucak Road

Works on Korkuteli-Bucak Road: Highways 13. Regional Directorate of Korkuteli-Bucak between Garipçe-Industrial Junction on the divided road between the coating work is continuing.
Garipce-Bozova neighborhood asphalted by the road opened to traffic, Büyükköy Junction and Yelten Junction continues to work.
It was stated that the ongoing works under the supervision of the 13th Regional Directorate of Highways are planned to be completed on 31 August 2014. The contractor company officials, who said that the 27-kilometer road expansion work between Korkuteli and Bucak, which was tendered, is continuing, stated that the route between Korkuteli -Bucak was given in a controlled manner due to the expansion work of the road, the road between Garipce-Bozova was asphalted and the works continued in Bozova Mahallesi and Büyükköy Junction. D
Stating that the Korkuteli-Bucak road will become a wider road with the completion of the works, AK Party District Chairperson İlhami Yıldıran said, “Now we wish an accident-free vehicle traffic on the Bucak road. Transportation between Korkuteli and Bucak continues for three months in a controlled manner. The teams work intensely despite the hot weather. As per the contract, they will complete it on August 31, ”he said.



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