Asphalt Works in Kepez Continues

Asphalt Works in Kepez Continues: Kepez Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs makes the asphalt of altinova honeysuckle street, which is expanded by building a new canal next to the existing water channel.
In order to expand the street where traffic accidents and the asphalt becomes unusable due to narrow traffic, a new channel with 1800 meter length, depth of 3 meters and 6 meters is built next to the existing channel. filled the old canal, excavated by filling the street has included. Thus, the road with 1600 meters, the 5 meter was expanded, according to the state plan in the zoning plan was made.
Following the consolidation of its infrastructure, the asphalt works of the road between Altınova Bridge and Serik Street continued, and the paving of asphalt was poured into Hanımeli Street by the teams of the Directorate of Science Affairs.



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