Kepez Sathi Opened Asphalt Season

Kepez Sathi Asphalt Season is Opened: Kepez Municipality, 2014 year, asphalt pavement season, the sacrifice and prayers in the Unsal neighborhood started. President Hakan Tütüncü, 100 kilometer surface in the season asphalt pavement plans, he said.
Kepez Municipality, hot asphalt works in many regions, while the weather warming asphalt season opened the asphalt. Due to the start of the season, Ünsal organized a ceremony in the neighborhood. Kepez Mayor Hakan Tütüncü, AK Party Kepez District President Yusuf İşeri, Vice President Orhan Kocaağa, Unsal Neighborhood Headman Nazmi Cabadak, the district headmen and neighborhoods attended the ceremony. After the sacrifice and prayer for asphalting works, President Tütüncü opened the asphalt season by cutting the ribbon with the wishes of other guests.
Mayor Hakan Tütüncü stated that they plan to make 100 kilometer surface asphalt work in the neighborhoods that are needed this year. Accidental, trouble-free, happily, a good asphalt season wishing Tütüncü, Science Works Directorate staff wished success in asphalt work.
Mayor Hakan Tütüncü, Ünsal neighborhood 17 thousand 590 meter new road in the neighborhood, 8 thousand 630 meter surface asphalt pavement, 13 thousand 826 meter hot asphalt, 14 thousand 404 square meter paving work carried out.
Tütüncü underlined that modern buildings were built in the neighborhood instead of slums after they solved the development rights and property problems they provided. Tütüncü pointed out that they have urbanized Ünsal with the services they have made in every field in the last period, ütün Ünsal has become one of the most beautiful settlements of Kepez with its wide roads we opened, middle refuges, hot asphalt, paved streets, green areas and modern residences T. .
During the Tütüncü period, the landscaping of the DSI water canal in the Unsal neighborhood, the mukhtar building, the open neighborhood market, the construction of bridges on the canal, the construction of additional buildings such as the primary school was carried out.
President Hakan Tütüncü's 1. During the period, 656 kilometers of asphalt pavement, 479 kilometers of hot asphalt and 341 thousand square meters of paving work was done.



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