Regional Directorate of Highways Accelerates Work in Kars

Regional Directorate of Highways Accelerated Work in Kars: Kars Highways 18. Within the service network of the Regional Directorate of Kars, Ardahan and Iğdır'ı construction site turned. The Regional Directorate completes missing signs and lighting works on all roads in terms of traffic safety.
With the warming of the weather, the works carried out by the Regional Directorates of Highways in the Eastern Anatolia Region have accelerated. Traffic signs and markers are being rearranged, particularly asphalt and new road works. In the connections to Kars and surrounding provinces, the roads have almost turned to the construction site. Highways 18. Regional Director Turan Yilmaz, gave information about the work done throughout the season.
Turan Yilmaz stated that all preparations were made to make the roads reliable in Kars, Iğdır, Ardahan. Eden We are trying to tolerate our jobs which are interrupted in rainy weather and now in hot weather. Therefore, we are working to eliminate all the elements and deficiencies that will cause accidents on the roads. We are revising the signs and lightings that are lost due to various reasons on the roads by Traffic Chief Engineering. It continues in our works on new signs and markers. Yeni
Especially in Kars-Erzurum, Kars-Ardahan, Kars-Çıldır and Kars-Iğdır highways indicating that they have accelerated the asphalt work 18. Regional Manager Turan Yilmaz, Kars, the neighboring provinces, connecting the road network of hot asphalt works continued uninterrupted. Underlining that the city continues to work in the entrance arteries of the city center of Kars, Kars, regional directorate said that the work will continue unabated.
Highways 18. Regional Director of the Regional Directorate of traffic accidents in a noticeable decrease in the region pointed out that the Director of the Turan Yilmaz, Kars, Iğdır, Ardahan provinces connected to the intersection work on the road is speeding, he said.
Turan Yilmaz, Regional Director of Highways 18 said, a We think we will have a more active season than in the previous years. In the provinces connected to the Regional Directorate, all junctions connected to the highways and highways in front of Kars highways are being restructured by Traffic Chief Engineering. Therefore, the drivers were warned by putting flashers that were co-operating on the roads. With these studies, we prevent traffic accidents, Bu he said.



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