Karşıyakaor Tram Coming

karsiyaka tram
karsiyaka tram

Karşıyakaor the tram is coming. Don't say we haven't heard: Karşıyaka Municipality operated, providing free services to the elderly in the bazaar will remove the sportive transport vehicle is spoken with persistence. And we say, in this way of transport Karşıyakaadds charm to its charm and Karşıyaka'modern' image of Turkey. There are people who come to ride this car.

The car didn't have 4 for days. The elderly felt it most in the bazaar. He went to repair. K.Yaka, it gets crowded at the weekend. KarşıyakaWhen people go to the cottages, you solve this crowd immediately. Along the bazaar you will see people who have been tastefully set up in restaurants and cafes.

We say that it would be a shame if this food toll of K.Yaka, who had long ago fallen over the fame of İstiklal Street in Istanbul, was removed.
In Nazillide, there was a train operating for workers of the Basma Factory, which operated for many years:-Tickle-tickle tren After a nice year, that train was swept up to be put on the expedition again soon.

Şimdi Karşıyakaalso have a "tickle - tickle". People say “Tickle, tickle.. Man's "tickle" is just below his chin. It's pretty ticklish. They brought the usual golf cart and put it at the head of the long bazaar. People fill up and make a sound like ”tickle tan from the other end of the bazaar, the people go scarred and go back the same way. There's room for ten. No standing. He carries the elderly. Young people are also fling. The distance is 700 meters. This tickle tickle most, young people and adults ride. There's no queue for the elderly. You're watching the scenery. There's no one who wants to get off. Because it's not a ticket. Free, meccanen, free, free, free.

I ran into Nazis in this tick. A locomotive carrying the workers of the weaving factory pulled the wagons behind it. These wagons sometimes derailed. He walks in the soil, and then somehow he gets back on track. After this gırgıriye, because it fell into funny situations, this için tickles dü was called. When the breath of the locomotive is insufficient, it is also an effort to go up and down.

Cover it, dead!

Nazilli District Governor Okur read: bir Gıdı gıdı train also shed light on a date, N he says. We have learned that the train called il gıdı gıdi ası which is used for the transportation of the workers in the former Sümerbank Printing Plant in the Nazilli district of Aydın will be re-opened.

The project of the city council regarding the re-commissioning of the proj gıdı gıdi train esi within the Sumerian campus used by the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences at the Nazilli University of Adnan Menderes attracted attention.

Nazilli Governor Kayuramı, saying, i the train of the i tide train ma is one of the most important symbols of Nazilli: dı Gıdı gıdı trains carried thousands of workers at the Sümerbank Printing Plant in Nazilli to 1995. In order to open the factory, 9 took this train to Sümerbank Printing Plant in Atatürk, which came to Nazilli in October 1937. The Gıdi tugboat also shed light on a history. G

The 4 wagon, built of wood, and the train with a small coal locomotive, made its last flight in 1995.
Now, lastly, Izmir B. City Municipality, Karşıyaka He pressed the button for Konak Trams.

Alaybey-Karşıyaka- 9.7 kilometer route between Mavişehir and 15 stop and 17 tram line with two vehicles will work as a round-trip. Karşıyaka tram, starting from Alaybey by the coast Bostanlı Pier, and then Ismail Sivri Street, Martyr Cengiz Topel Street, Selcuk Yasar Street and Cahar Dudayev Boulevard followed by Izban Cigli Warehouse facilities next to Mavisehir Suburban Station. In project scope Karşıyaka an overpass or underpass is planned to connect the pier with the bazaar. The tram line will provide transfer to İZBAN, ferries and buses.

When the tram is mentioned, people in Istanbul come to our minds. In Izmir, there are rubber wheeled vehicles such as bus train disruption. Gonul, like in Istanbul.

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