Karşıyakaor Young Hand Touched

Karşıyakaor Young Hand Touched:KarşıyakaThe old train station, which became dysfunctional after the İZBAN line was taken underground, took on a completely different face with the workshop of Yaşar University Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design students.

In the study, which included 3rd grade students, various places were created within the boundaries of the old train station that will make a difference, from educational areas aimed at raising awareness of cultural heritage in children to the lost property museum.

Yaşar University Interior Architecture and Environmental Design academic staff member Asst. Assoc. Dr. In the workshop conducted by Ebru Aydeniz, Sergio Tadonnio and Rana Ballar, 40 students developed new ideas for abandoned buildings to adapt to urban life again. Stating that 5 creative ideas emerged as a model, Asst. Assoc. Dr. Ebru Aydeniz said, “Many creative ideas emerged within the scope of the workshop, which enabled students to analyze at an urban scale. Among these, the museum where lost items forgotten on the train are exhibited, an education area to raise awareness of cultural heritage in children, Karşıyaka The museum on the history of the Sports Club, the ramps that allow the historical buildings to be perceived from different angles and the information boards about the district and the work office for self-employed workers were presented as separate projects. Thus, places have emerged that people from all walks of life can easily use.



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