New Investment Constructions Continue in KARDEMİR

📩 25/11/2018 20:40

New Investment Constructions Continue in KARDEMİR: Dramatic with its investments in recent years, KARDEMİR A.Ş. has accelerated the construction works of the Çubuk and Kangal Rolling Mill and Wheel Factory investments.

Turkey and the region's only producer of rails in which to invest and start KARDEMİR 700 thousand tons annual capacity of Rod and Wire Rod Mill will cater mainly in the automotive and machine manufacturing industries. The plant will be able to produce in high value added products that are not produced in the country and supplied from abroad.

KARDEMİR General Manager Fadıl Demirel, with the aim of producing high value-added products within the scope of the company's growth strategies, will be able to produce 700.000 tons / year production capacity in the first stage, mainly to the automotive and manufacturing industry, depending on market conditions, and can be increased to 1.400.000 tons / year production capacity. Rod and Kangal Rolling Mill are continuing construction works, he said.

Demirel, low and high carbon steels, bar and coil mills, high-alloyed steels, high-alloy steels, bearing steels, automat steel, spring steels, welding wires, automotive steels and special steel rods will be produced, as well as 200 thousand railway wheels per year will be produced wheel factory in the near future construction work will be expressed.


Stating that they attach great importance to environmental investments, Demirel continued his speech as follows: “Our factory is in a serious change and transformation. There are important investments regarding the environment. Pollution is not only composed of solid wastes thrown into the air and thrown into the water, but also noise and image are pollution. We are taking steps to change the environment of the entire factory. We are doing a lot of greening. He said that there are waste water pools under the places that appear as green areas in the factory, “In the past, these were swamps and fly nests. We have redesigned this area by drying it. There are actually pools under the place that is seen as a green area now. All factory waste is collected in the pools here. Nothing is visible as these are covered over. With the water treatment facility we set up opposite this place, the wastewater collected in the pool is treated there, and then returned to the factory. "This is the first time since its foundation and we use zero waste water to the outside."

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