Highway workers left work

📩 21/12/2018 17:34

Highway workers left work: Batman Highways 97, which claims to be working as a contractor. Workers who worked under the branch office left half a day.
Batman Highways 97 claiming to be working as a subcontractor. Workers under the branch of the branch, despite the judicial decision, argued that the problems were not resolved. The workers continued their actions in the third week with a press release and a half-day job.
Highways 97. Workers gathered at 08.30 at the branch office and made a press statement here. Description, Turkey Road-Business Diyarbakir Branch No. 1 working on behalf of the board and Bedri Nasa studied.
Eden Where are the renters now? “
Nas said, sav We are faced with the sanctions of the government officials defending the rule of law in our country, which is a social state of law, which disregards the decisions of the law. Privatization in our country 20 has been going on for more than a year. Where are the politicians who claim to end the unemployment of our country with the privatization offered on the gold tray? State institutions at low prices to the followers of his followers, those who get rents from privatization revenues are now? Lar he said. Nas said that at the end of the privatization, thousands of people were unemployed or employed in statuses serving slavery order such as 4C, 4B.
Lar Those who do not know the decisions of the judiciary are still stalling us “
Nas said, iyle With the subcontractor system, poor quality production and services are offered to the community. Workers like you, who want to obtain their rights by way of jurisdiction, have proven their rights in jurisdiction. But in practice they do not recognize judicial decisions. We're still stalling. We will not give up our struggle. Our actions will continue until judicial decisions are taken. Y
Workers in their hands, "Subcontractors will not be a slave," Our business, our honor, our workplace, "" What a tender, what we want our grants team ", I Judicial decisions here, where's my team?", "Turkey will be the subcontractor of the Republic" and "cause of accidents such as the massacre is subcontracting system" written they carried banners.
10 thousand people in Turkey about acts performed throughout the simultaneous action did not leave a half-day job. Workers in the same way last week, a half-day work by making a press release. As long as the workers' problems are not solved, the press announced that each week they will continue a half-day work-off action on Monday.

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