Highways Retaining Wall Demolished

Retaining Wall of the Highways Destroyed: In Karabük, the retaining wall of the highways collapsed in Safranbolu. 36 meter-length retaining wall 5 family lived in a family with the result of the family collapsed as a result of the collapse of moments lived. Ilyas Kara, the host, sitting at home with his family on the night of the incident, the wall collapsed and vanished at the last moment, he said.
Kara said that they had written the necessary units in the direction that the retaining wall was a danger because of the highways work, but they did not get a result. Kara said: They said the retaining wall was indestructible, but after the rain, the walls began to crack. We're family of five, no security of life and property. The night of the incident 22: In the waters of 00 I was sitting at home with my family, there was a violent noise. We thought it was an earthquake, but when we went out, we saw the 36 meter-length retaining wall collapsed. Walnut trees remained with our dog under the destroyed wall. We ask the authorities for help. For how many years we have been given negative answers. We are afraid to sit at home and ask the authorities to find a solution as soon as possible. Evde

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 13:17

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