Train Crash in Canada

Canadian Train Wreck: 47 million dollars in fines for the company responsible for the accident where 409 died last year.

The company, which was found guilty in the train accident that occurred last year in Lac-Megantic, Quebec province, Canada and killed 47 people, was fined $ 409 million (810 million TL).

Quebec State Justice Minister Stephanie Vallee said in a statement that the government asked for $ 409 million from Montreal-Maine and the Atlantic Railway (MM&A) company for the costs incurred and to be made after the train disaster.

Minister Vallee, 126 million dollars of state spending on public funds and the rest of the 283 million dollars in the construction of the city of Lac-Megantic is for the cost, he added. The minister, he added, could change according to the increases in the costs of reconstruction of the city.

The crude oil-laden train train derailed in Lac-Megantic, Quebec, on July 6, 2013, dragged to the city center, and 47 people died in fire and explosions.



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