Istanbul's Hidden Vessels

Period travel with the Hidden Ships of Istanbul: In 2005, the Theodosius Harbor, which had been under the ground for hundreds of years, was found at the Yenikapı excavation area of ​​the Istanbul metro. The old ships of Yenikapı, dated between the 11th and 17th centuries, were brought to light at the port, which is very important in terms of world cultural history. Inspired by these ships that bear witness to the past, Necati Badem's ceramic exhibition titled “Hidden Ships of Istanbul” will be waiting for explorers at Nakkaş Art Gallery until XNUMX July.

Necati Badem said, "How much does Istanbul, the oldest city in the world, know, how do we live on it?" 'designs a historical journey for those looking for an answer to the question. Necati Badem, who has made thousands of broken-solid amphoras in two years, is almost kneading nature and history with ceramics with the objects he has collected from ancient cities, sea, streams.

Dimensions of 1953 with 15The 37 work, which has differences between 22 cm, will take the art lovers on a mysterious journey in Anatolia. Theodosius, Constantinople, Troy, Yenikapı, Harem, Cappadocia, Urla are the names of a few of the works. The artist has not forgotten to send greetings to famous painters such as Rembrandt, Osman Hamdi Bey and Van Gogh by using the colors and comments they use with their works. In addition, the fact that the exhibition is being held in the Byzantine cisterns approximately 1500 annually adds a meaning to this cultural event.



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