Transportation Regulation in Izmir

Transportation Regulation in Izmir: No detailed information has been shared with the public about the information about the time when IZMIR systems will be implemented. Due to the inadequacies in the signaling system, İZBAN additional expeditions could not be activated.

The removal of long-distance buses and the use of İZBAN and the subway can be seen as a positive development, but it is unclear how the capacity of İZBAN and the metron is appropriate. Considering the current frequency and number of flights, it is considered not to be sufficient. The new ferry investments have not been finalized and the ferries have not yet reached the bay. There is no regulation on the operation hours of the existing ferries.

It is clear that such an application, which will not be a solution to the traffic problem alone, will not be a solution to the traffic problem and will be implemented without public information without being shared with the public. We recommend that the Mayor and all the general managers, deputies, heads of departments and supervisors responsible for transportation meet their needs with this system for a period of one month. However, we think that they will understand the city better and solve the problem with rational and scientific methods.

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