Transportation hike in Istanbul is taken to court

Transportation increase in Istanbul is taken to the court: While the 10 percent increase in transportation in Istanbul attracted the reaction of end user associations and citizens, Halk Busleri AŞ did not find the increase rate sufficient. Both sides are preparing to carry the raise rate to the judiciary.

New arrangements were made in Istanbul for public transportation. According to the tariff that has been implemented since today, the full amount of Istanbulkart will be increased from 1,95 to 2,15 penny, and the student fee will be 10 lira with the increase of 1,10. 10 upgrades to the transportation of the end-user associations and citizens, while attracting the reaction, Public Buses, the rate did not find enough. Both sides are preparing to bring the raise rate to the judiciary.

Public transportation vehicles in Istanbul 11 million 382 thousand 411 times are used once. The lion's share in transportation is in wheeled transport. 80 of road transport is provided by road. Private Public Buses carry 1 million 420 thousand 178 passengers throughout the city, while 750 passenger is using the metrobus line. IETT buses 720 bin 696, Bus Co 747 bin 949 passengers are carrying. 1 million 632 thousand 863 people are traveling in the city on the rail system lines of Marmaray, metro, light metro, tram, ropeway, funicular. 1 2012 10 in the city on the day before the hike in the history of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Transport Coordination Center (UKOME) took a decision on the new arrangement was made. 1,95 hike to the transportation was made. Istanbulkart boarding price of the full 2,15 pounds 1 pounds, students 1,10 pounds XNUMX pound was upgraded. The transportation hike attracted the people of Istanbul. People found in the criticism through social media, the rate found a very high rate, he said. A citizen named Esra Topkaç said that the municipality should reduce wages. Meryem Türkyılmaz, who found the hike high as a student, stated that there was no need for extra hints. Türkyılmaz, bize As a student, it is too expensive for us. Already the fees did not need much extra, extra hints. These are all problems of the state from the current account deficit. It's like that. he stated.


Chairman of the Federation of Consumer Associations Sıtkı Yilmaz said they found the rate of transportation to be high. Yilmaz ?? Which cost has increased the cost of this hike had to do, you need to ask comes. We want to protect the consumer's law, we want to protect the rights of the end user. Every jammed person should not take this action by reflecting the increase to the consumer. This must be a fairness conscience at this time. 10 hike on a single person is a conscience? We will move the subject to judgment. he explained. Istanbul Public Buses Inc. Chamber of Tradesmen Ismail Yuksel announced that they found a low rate of hike. The percentage of people who want to raise the 20 incentive from IBB explained as follows: "Citizens in the face of the response to the reverence we respect. 23 has not been a raise for us for months. Tradesmen have to change the vehicle. Because access to disability will be reasonable. So much activity, fuel costs are increasing. This raise does not satisfy us. If there is something that we can legally apply after the application has started, we will apply but we will continue to carry it again.



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