Istanbul Metrobus Save 30 Life Every Year

Istanbul Metrobus each year 30 Life recovers from: EMBARQ Turkey - Sustainable Transport Association has prepared "Metrobus System of Social, Environmental and Economic Impacts" report, it revealed that a significant impact on road safety in the corridors they get the Metrobus system.

Istanbul (Turkey), Mexico City (Mexico), Guadalajara (Mexico), Bogota (Colombia), Ahmedabad (India) and Melbourne (Australia) in the report are based on data from the Metrobus system in the city has reached the following outstanding data:
• Improvements in pedestrian crossings affect road safety positively.
• As a result of the use of special lanes, the risk of accidents falls directly as the BRT bus leaves other vehicles.
• The presence of a BRT on a route reduces the races of drivers in traffic.
• Drive behavior becomes less risky through trainings from the Metrobus drivers.
• Mortgage accident rates decreased by% 48 and injury rate% 39 decreased when Bogota Metrobus was put into service.
• Metrobus systems serving in Latin America have reduced their mortality and wounded accident rates by an average of 40 on their routes.
• After the start of the BRT systems in Ahmedabad, the rate of material damage accidents occurred on road routes was% 32, the accident rate was% 28 and the fatal accident rate% 55 decreased.
• Guadalajara is one of the cities with the most radical recovery in road safety. Thanks to the Metrobus system, the fatal traffic accidents in Guadalajara were reduced by% 68, the injured accidents by% 69 and the accidents by physical accidents decreased by% 56.
• Melbourne's metrobus has achieved a significant improvement in the route it has entered into service, completely eliminating deaths from traffic accidents.
• Istanbul metrobus is expected to provide 2006 billion TL (2026 million dollars) savings in 20-1,6 881-XNUMX year-on-year traffic accidents.

EMBARQ Turkey Director Arzu Tabby "shows the resulting data as a result of the investigations of EMBARQ Metrobus systems operate on similar effects regardless of road safety in the world's prose. Metrobüs systems significantly reduce road safety in the routes they enter into use and reduce the accident rates resulting in property damage, injury and even death. The reduction in accident rates also provides a great benefit from the economic point of view. The economic reflection of the increase in road safety of Istanbul metrobus was 700 million TL (392 million dollars). According to the data obtained from the traffic safety studies of EMBARQ, Istanbul Metrobus will contribute to the prevention of 30 mortal and 87 injuries every year.



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