Jobs: TCDD Mus 55. Temporary Worker Purchase Notice

TCDD Mus 55. Temporary Worker Purchase Notice
Deadline: 11 June 2014
Release Date: 02 June 2014

General Terms and Notes

TO THE ATTENTION OF THE CANDIDATES TO APPLY FOR THE REQUEST: THE STAFF TO BE RECEIVED HAS A REQUIREMENT TO RESIDENCE IN THE PROPERTY BORDERS OF THE WORKPLACE ON THE APPLICATION DATE. THOSE WHO WILL APPLY TO THIS REQUEST SHOULD HAVE REQUIRED TO WORK AND CERTIFY THAT TCDD HAS BEEN WORKING IN THE ROAD MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR WORKS. Candidates who comply with the conditions of the request can be sent from our Provincial / Branch Directorate at the place where the request was published within 10 days from the date of publication of the announcement or : can apply via the internet address. - The right of the Institution and the demanding public institution and institution regarding the invalidity of the application, the cancellation of the hiring process and the requesting public institution and organization are reserved. Candidates who apply to the requests and are in the final list, their educational status, experience, priority status , foreign language requirement etc. must submit to the public institution and organization that submitted the request before the written or oral exam whether they meet the conditions. Those who cannot document these situations or make false statements will be removed from the final list. Candidates who apply from persons (priorities) who will not have a central examination will be notified to the Institutions and Organizations that have requested. - Applications will be accepted on the next business day when the application deadline coincides with the official holiday. - The job seeker, whose application dates are overlapping, and which meets the demand of more than one labor force of the same public institution and organization, will be accepted only to one request in line with his choice. The names and addresses of the applicants on the final list to be issued will be notified to the public institution and organization requesting workers. - The candidates whose names are notified to the workplace will be notified in writing to the candidates by the public institution and organization requesting the place and time of the written or oral exam. - The priority right of those who have the right to priority, who has not been invited to the demand for permanent or temporary workforce they have applied for, except for force majeure, who has not participated in the exam, refuses to work or who is in the status of permanent workers in the public, is eliminated. The right of priority can not be exploited for the second time. - In applications made to fixed-term (temporary, 5 months and 29 days) requests of public institutions and organizations, the addresses of the persons registered in the Address Based Population Registration System are taken into consideration.

Profession Information
Profession Experience (Year) Learning Type
Body Worker (General) Practical

Learning Information
Minimum Education Level
Primary Education Level

Work Address Information


Preferred Residence Towns: MUŞ MERKEZ

Other informations
Employer Type
Total Number of Open Business 2
Work Contract Type Certain Period (Temporary)
Mode of Study Full-Time

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