First local train from Mardin

The first local train is one of the masters of Mardin: Mayor of Artuklu, the historical and touristic district of Mardin, Emin Irmak, who was chosen as the Mayor, could not fulfill the tram project he promised before the election, and he found a wagon on the back of the tractor and found it in the "Çakma Train".

Introducing the vehicle, which was designed and produced by Mardin masters and named after the Nostalgia Nostalgia Train for Surpower, Irmak said that the most important problem of Mardin is traffic, and that they first launched the 'Nostalgia Train' to solve it.

River, to ease the traffic load and sidewalks to save the vehicle occupation Diyarbakir Gate and three roads will work Nostalgia Trains, he said.

Irmak, who took the city tour by taking the train with 2 wagon mounted behind the tractor, which was given the appearance of a locomotive with journalists, said, “We have started a test herd test flock for now. What is the reaction of our people for this? If our people accept it and if there are positive demands in this direction, we will make five more of these vehicles and close this street to traffic during the summer season and we will provide enough parking facilities at the Diyarbakır gate and provide people with access to open and nostalgic vehicles. We will realize our projects according to the positive or negative reactions we will receive from our people in the future. ”




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