Hostess service to YHTlere

Service to be a hostess to the YHT: General Directorate of TCDD, Eskişehir-Istanbul high-speed trains (YHT) opened a tender for the procurement of services for the hostess.

According to the announcement published in the current issue of the Official Gazette, 1 stewardess group chief, 2 stewardess group chief assistant, 3 chiefhostesses, 12 stewardesses and 6 carrier personnel who are needed in high speed trains on the Eskişehir-Istanbul line between 1 August and 31 December will receive service for months.

In the tender to be held through open tender procedure by receiving offers from domestic tenderers, the bids will be submitted to the TCDD Enterprise General Directorate of Goods and Services Procurement Tender Commission until 1 July.




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