Harmandalılılar Collected 10 Thousand Signatures for İzban Station

Harmandalililer Collected 10 Thousand Signatures for Izban Station: In order to build İZBAN station at Harmandalı Junction in Çiğli, they presented the signatures of Balatçık, İnönü, Uğur Mumcu, Ahmet Efendi, Cumhuriyet and Harmandalı districts to Çiğli Mayor Hasan Arslan.

Mayor Arslan presented the signatures collected by the headmen of Balatçık, İnönü, Uğur Mumcu, Ahmet Efendi, Cumhuriyet and Harmandalı neighborhoods to Çiğli Mayor Hasan Arslan for the construction of İZBAN station at Harmandalı junction of Çiğli. President Arslan, said that the follower of the issue.

Cahit Tilki in Balatcik Neighborhood, Cimli Sonmez in Inonu Neighborhood, Kazim Sonmez in Uğur Mumcu Neighborhood, Hıdır Işık, Ahmet Efendi Neighborhood Headman Ferman Kaya, Cumhuriyet District Headman Ufuk Ünnü and Harmandalı Central Quarter Headman Bekir Kılınm He rolled up. In a short period of time, the muhtars, who collected 10 thousand signatures, delivered their signed petitions to President Hasan Arslan. Mayor Hasan Arslan promised to keep the demand on the agenda and take the necessary steps to make a station in the region. He also emphasized that the establishment of an İZBAN station in the region is on his agenda.


Mayor Hasan Arslan, Ahmet Efendi neighborhood to be established in the neighborhood of Harmandali IZBAN station, both citizens living in the neighborhood, as well as students and lecturers studying at Katip Çelebi University drew attention. Stating that the issue of İZBAN station has been on the agenda for a while, Mayor Hasan Arslan said, uz We want to bring the best services for our neighborhoods. Citizen has a demand for the station. We want a station in this area. The establishment of İZBAN station is not only related to us. We will meet with İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and İZBAN officials. Rector of İzmir Katip Çelebi University Dr. We will also get the support of Galip Akhan. I want you to make sure that we're going to do whatever is on our side..


Çiğli Mayor Hasan Arslan listened to the problems of the muhtars working in Çiğli one by one and took notes, saying that it is among the priority duties of finding solutions to the problems of our mukhtars and that they can carry out this work through dialogue. Mayor Arslan, who signaled that a new era has been entered, said, ik We have implemented our Muhtars desk project. We care very much about the problems of all of our neighborhood headmen. The Mukhtars' desk will be the follower. It will function like the clock, and problems will be recorded and resolved immediately. No one will be prevented from finding remedies to their problems. Çiğli Municipality is there to provide the best service and to present the most beautiful projects ”.


Ahmet Efendi District Headman Ferman Kaya, noting that the most important demand for neighborhoods is the İZBAN station, IZBAN metro stop is expected to ease the transportation for the elderly and children will be a pleasure to travel, not the ordeal, he said. Kaya pointed out that six neighborhoods would benefit from the stop., Not only the people of the neighborhood, but also the students of İzmir Katip Çelebi University, this station is necessary ”.

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