The Bosphorus Bridge of Southeast Anatolia is in service

The Bosphorus Bridge of Southeastern Anatolia is coming into service: While the 3rd bridge, which is being built in Istanbul at great speed, attracts attention with many innovations, another bridge rising with the same magnificence in Şanlıurfa came to the fore.
The 3rd bridge (Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge), which is under construction in Istanbul and is expected to eliminate the traffic problem in Istanbul to a great extent, has become a rival. The construction of the Nissibi Bridge, which is expected to embrace Kahta (Adıyaman) and Siverek (Şanlıurfa), continues at great speed. 400 meters of the center opening because Turkey is currently the 3rd carries the distinction of being the big bridge. The middle span of the Bosphorus Bridge is 1074, and that of the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge is 1090 meters.
The security of the bridge is also important because of the risk of earthquake in the region. For this reason, GÜLSAN Group Technical Coordinator Altok Kurşun stated that they have taken various scenarios and after this calculations, they think that the bridge will not be damaged by a possible earthquake in 2014 year. the first time suspended strained oblique method is used in the bridge in Turkey. This technique will further extend the life of the bridge. The 475's third largest bridge brings Kahta and Siverek to the forefront. One example would be the highlight of the first suspension bridge footed Group Technical Director, Lead alto in Turkey, Malatya in the side of the foot, 3 meters will rise, while the height of the foot will be Nissibi 165 meters.
This bridge, which will carry a lot of sense at first for Turkey, seems to attract attention in the coming days. Vahap Munyar from Hürriyet Newspaper conveyed the construction phase and features of this bridge in his article today.

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 13:24

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