Gökçen Bridge Should Be Reconstructed

📩 21/12/2018 17:31

Gökçen Bridge must be reconstructed: Ödemişlilerin Tire, Selcuk and on the way to Kusadasi heavily used Gokcen route on the bridge on the Küçük Menderes can not pass two vehicles at the same time. Stating that the bridge in the order of the transition is no longer responding to the intensity of the last mayor of Gökçen, Mustafa Önem, half-century bridge instead of a bridge in accordance with the standards should be done, he said.
Mustafa Onur, who noted that the Gökçen road was located in the village roads network from the first junction, drew attention to the fact that the pylons on the bridge legs were also formed.
Emphasizing that the bridge on the small Menderes river is often the scene of accidents, u Our bridge was built according to the conditions of the year before 50. With the use of the Ödemiş-Tire way, the bridge remained narrow and worn. This is the route most used by Ödemiş. We know that there are many accidents due to the fact that it is narrow. Especially at night, when the road is coming to the bridge, it is very difficult for the drivers to slow down suddenly. Özellikle
The importance continued: ar I applied to DSI because of the emergence of the iron pillar on the bridge legs and the dragging of the soil by the river before and during the mayoral period. In particular, we informed the DSI about the danger of rusting iron posts. They told us the bridge was intact. However, problems can be faced over the years. Now there is a reorganization of the river bed. During this work, this bridge in the village roads network should be renewed. I believe that metropolitan teams will do what is necessary. As Gökçen Municipality, we frequently used to fill the entrance and exit of the bridge. The bridge has to go through frequent maintenance Kö
Recorded that the bridge remains in the borders of Tire, Gokcen Municipality council member Turkmen Kosar said: inden We want the authorities to see these problems on the bridge and make the necessary initiatives. The traces of accidents on the bridge are on the barriers. It is a must to reconstruct the bridge which is especially dangerous in the evenings. Kızılcahavlu village at the same time, even three vehicles can fit the bridge was made. Considering the density in Gökçen, action should be taken as soon as possible Gök.

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