Çamlık Open Air Locomotive Museum

Çamlık Open Air Locomotive Museum is of great interest: TCDD Çamlık Open Air Locomotive Museum, which is the largest in Europe, attracts great interest from local and foreign tourists. The museum in the Çamlık neighborhood of the Selçuk district of İzmir became a center of attraction with the opening of the tourism season. Turkey's first railway museum on the İzmir-Aydın railway, between 1887 1952 years with German, British, French, American-made 36 one steam locomotive on display. Among them, there are only two British-made locomotives operating in the world. A train car traveling by Atatürk and Hitler also uses a German locomotive that weighs 1943 tons of 85. The museum also includes motorized water pumps, water fenders, cranes, locomotives and the materials used for the repair, as well as wagons used for transporting people with many open and closed cargo wagons.

Oğlu Europe's largest open-air locomotive museum, omot said Macit Demiroğlu, who operates the TCDD Çamlık Open Air Locomotive Museum. Coal and steam locomotives are on display. We have a 36 train. These trains were manufactured in America, Germany, France and England. We have a locomotive running. At the same time, the wagon used by Atatürk in the journey and the locomotive used by Hitler are also included in our museum. Aynı

The locomotives in the museum, produced between 1887 and 1948, each weighing tons, average speeds range from 20 to 80 kilometers per hour. Turkey, which is one of several railway lines in 1887, serving British-made locomotives production, one of the oldest, brought to Turkey. The locomotive, capable of speeding 28 kilometers per hour, served in Istanbul Sirkeci Station.

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