Falling Baby Rails

Baby falling on the tracks returned from death: 8-month-old Erdem Mertyüz, who wanted to be taken down by his mother from the passenger train approaching İZBAN Station in Gaziemir District of Izmir, fell between the train and the station platform. In the hospital where the little Erdem, who returned from death, was removed, it was learned that his condition was good.

The incident occurred today at 17.20 in Gaziemir İZBAN Station. Passenger train departing from Denizli and coming to İzmir approached İZBAN Station. One of the passengers wanted to get off the train with a baby carriage. Meanwhile, the 8-month-old Erdem Mertyüz, sliding from the gap in front of the stroller, fell into the gap between the train and the station platform. Those who heard the mother's cry for help informed the staff at the station. Officers on the rails and those at the station took the little Erdem up. Erdem Mertyüz, who was taken to Dokuz Eylul University Hospital by ambulance and treated, was reported to be in good condition. Police launched an investigation into the incident.

Feyzi Hepshenkal, a journalist who witnessed and photographed, shared this in her personal blog. He recalled the incident in the Hepskenkal block:

“When we came to Gaziemir station with İZBAN, there was a movement in front of the train on the opposite platform. Although I was afraid to encounter a disastrous landscape, I ran as soon as the doors opened. There were many people in the gap between the train and the platform. Soon a Baby appeared on the lap. There was no scar on the baby. His mother and relatives were devastated. First of all let me point out. The train in which the incident took place belongs to TCDD. It comes from Denizli. Most importantly, there are no panel bridges that run before the train stops and the doors open. As a result, there is a gap between the train and platform that needs to be taken seriously. Maybe there is a bit of code difference. Here, the mother of the baby, while trying to take the child's car, the wheel gets stuck. The car leans to the side and the eight-month baby is lost, falling into the void. So more precautions and more attention are needed.

Günceleme: 25/11/2018 20:51

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