Railroad workers in France went on strike

Railroad workers went on strike in France: In France, a strike of national railways workers paralyzed train transport across the country.

The strike, which calls for four union members, will end tomorrow.

The strike also hampered some of the voyages abroad, except for domestic rail transport.

While trains from France to England and Germany were not affected by the strike, some of the trips diverted to Belgium, the Netherlands and Spain had to be canceled.

Transport in the capital was severely disrupted, with employees on commuter trains in Paris joining the strike. Due to the strike in the suburban trains, the citizens of the capital wanted to go to work with their vehicles, and queues of kilometers long were formed on the ring roads.

The government aims to unite the two national railway companies and administration companies under a single roof and to open the train services for free competition conditions due to the accumulated debts.

The draft law submitted by the government will be discussed at the general assembly on 17 June. The government warns that the debt of the railroad administration amounted to 40 billion euros, and if the necessary measures are not taken, the debt will reach 2025 billion euros by 80.

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