Fiberoptic thieves changed line

Fiberoptic thieves changed the line: Fiberoptic cable and metal guards from the train line, which was undergoing renovation between Istanbul and Edirne, were stolen by two female 5 people. The gendarmes who had acted upon the notice caught the cables and the metal thieves who loaded the metal into a cart with a van.

After the theft of 2 meters of signaling and communication cable between the Ankara-Istanbul High Speed ​​Train Project, the 530nd stage tunnel of the Ministry of Construction, General Directorate of State Railways, the thieves changed the line. Istanbul-Çerkezköy Initiated renovation of the ongoing railway tunnel thieves, sinyolizyasyon and habullization used in the fiberoptic cables cut off the metal protective cover and cut off.

Çatalca District Gendarmerie teams took action upon the notice and immediately blockaded the area. All roads were kept. Shortly after, cable thieves were found. Five thieves, two of whom were women, were caught, who loaded the metal weighing about 300 tons with a pickup truck using the 3 meters long cable they cut. Women EA (5), B.Ç (22) and NP (18), KI (45) and ZD (31) were detained. Cable and metal caps seized in the van and horse carriage were delivered to the railway authorities. It was learned from those who were detained that NP was dealing with the scrap business.

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