Tram lines tradesmen in Eskişehir also stimulated real estate market

Trades in Eskişehir tram lines artisans, the real estate market has also moved: Eskisehir Metropolitan Municipality Light Rail System (ESTRAM) 's work with the addition of new lines and the tram network is large, this situation has been reported to affect both the trades in the region and the real estate market positively.

Eskişehir Chamber of Realtors President and Eskişehir Chamber of Tradesmen and Craftsmen Association Board Member Gazi Çelik, the new tram lines entering the service as well as the real estate market affected the shopkeepers said. Eskişehir tram line is an example of many cities, and the tram has reached the roads that change the facilities stating that Gazi Steel, vay Now Eskişehir people, we also used the tram. I think the tram is a vehicle that makes modern life easier. As you know, our city was the second among the livable cities. I believe that the tram has contributed to this degree. In the coming periods there were tram lines extending to four neighborhoods. At the beginning of these lines; Çamlıca-Batıkent line, coming to Emek 71 Houses lines. The newly opened tram line adds value to everything on the points it reaches wherever it passes. The tradesmen in this area are also increasing their business. On the other hand; . In addition to being affordable and taking an ecological balance with an environmentally friendly investment, eten he said.

Noting that the use of trams in public transport is a worthy investment in Eskişehir, Çelik said, birlikte With the new lines added, the tram network provides an added value such as 50 on the real estate in the city and even 60 in places. Bir
Stating that they have a positive impact on the service quality of the tram, Gazi Çelik said that they have always taken into account the potential of the students and said öğrenci We take care to provide every kind of support and ease for our students. In terms of opportunities, our students not only in the real estate, but also in every subject continues to support our trades and our people. Urban people and shopkeepers live together with our students. We also endeavor to end this interiors and continue. We always want Eskişehir to be called a student city. Esk

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