Social responsibility project from Diyarbakır Warehouse Directorate (Photo Gallery)

Social responsibility project from Diyarbakır Warehouse Directorate: Diyarbakır Warehouse Directorate hosted the Diyarbakır Garage and steam locomotive with the train and train in Yeşildallı Village Elementary School students in order to increase the interest in the railways.

Deputy Director of Warehouse Şeyhmus OKTAR, 51 Road Maintenance and Repair Directorate of the facilities participating in the event Yeşildallı Village Primary School Director Veysel AL, teachers Irem AKGÜN and Mutlu YILDIRIM, students and some parents and police commanders of railways and trains by providing information about children, trains should not throw stones, he said .

With the joy of the eyes of the children who saw the train for the first time and the joy of the children in the eyes of the trainers who are happy with the staff of the organization and wished such activities to be increased and widespread. Students were offered cake and juice.

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