DDY went down from Kaklik for transport

DDY reduced to the transport of Kaklik: Denizli's industrialists' objection to the State Railways (DDY) has stepped back. DDY, Kaklik Logistics Center to Izmir to be made by reorganizing the tariff of freight transport, went to the reduction.

Governor Abdulkadir Demir, Honaz District Governor Turgut Gülen, Mayor of Honaz Turgut Devecioglu, Denizli Miners and Marblemakers Association President Mehmet Celikkol and board member Samet Gunduz attended the meeting, the unit will carry the DDY's Kaklik Logistics Center, Izmir Alsancak and Biçerova ports prices announced that the revision.

After the start of the transportation from the logistics center industrialists, the price is high, reminiscent of complaints about the Governor Demir, an recently opened Kaklik Logistics Center, Izmir Alsancak and Biçerova Ports began to transport freight. However, the industrialist, railway and transportation more expensive than the road by drawing attention, they had expressed their demands. Railways, taking into account these objections, said that the regulation of wages. According to the regulation, the load from the Kaklik Logistics Center to Alsancak was lowered from the 19 to the 16,5 TL and the payload to the Port of Biçerova was reduced from the 21,5 to the 19 TL Yap.

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