A bridge intersection that will relieve the traffic of Batman ends

📩 24/11/2018 13:19

Batman traffic to relieve the crossing of junction ends: Batman traffic will reduce the 80 2 the former State Hospital in the bridge, underpass and intersection will be delivered within a month XNUMX said.
The ongoing construction of the former State Hospital, bridge, underpass and intersection is expected to end at the end of 2 month.
Uğur Bekiroğlu, the owner of the company that undertakes the construction of the bridge, came from Ankara to see the works on site and to accelerate the work. Bekiroğlu stated that the works that were started in February came to an end stage and that the bridge would be the luxury of the city when the junction was put into service. Bekiroglu, they signed such a large project in Turkey, and many points in Batman State Hospital as well as Gültepe Bridge Interchange Interchange of 2. they are jobs.
Since February 2 50 staff and 30 work as a shift in the work site with a small work site manager Ismail Hakki Cevahir, temporarily apologized for the inconvenience of the Batman. Cevahir said in a statement: aks We are aware that we are temporarily disrupting traffic. But we are working for Batman's future. 50 We are on a busy day with staff and 30 construction equipment. At the end of August, we intend to deliver a bridge junction. With the completion of the 750 meter-long and 30-meter crossroads intersection, the face of the region and especially the Batman entrance will change. X

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