Cavdarhisar-Gediz-Usak divided road works began

Çavdarhisar-Gediz-Uşak divided road works started: The ceremony for the opening of the divided highway works between Çavdarhisar-Gediz-Uşak was held with the participation of Governor Yılmaz.
The contractor, who won the tender for the divided highway between Çavdarhisar-Gediz-Uşak, met with the officials and employees of the Bayburt Group Company. Later, Governor Yılmaz made a speech at the construction site established by the company in the Abide Village of Gediz District and said: “My dear deputies, my dear colleagues, very valuable Gediz people, valuable press members, I greet you all with respect.
Today, we will hit the first knife about the realization of one of the important projects that will change the fate of Kütahya. We are with you in such a program. Our regional manager has just told me that there are some very important works on the highways in Kütahya. First of all, I would like to thank to our Minister of Transport, Minister of Transport, our government and our deputies who supported our province in the context of the development and expansion of the transportation network of our city. As a result, a political decision is a reflection of the will created for this political decision on our province.
With the opening of Zafer Airport in 2012, Kütahya, Afyon and Uşak provinces were connected to the world. International daily flights to Istanbul and other days of the week are carried out at Zafer Airport. This is one of the most important steps for the development of a province in the name of brand. Therefore, I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the opening of the Zafer Airport. State railways, which have been neglected for many years, as you know, have been taken a great distance in recent years both by high-speed train and by renewing the existing lines. For example, signaling and cable communication facilities in existing railways in our city are completely renewed. This means that we are halving the transportation in terms of time. The two-day distance falls to a day and the cost falls at the 60 level.
We finished the airline, we are about to approach the last state railroad railways, I hope we will benefit from this work by passing the Istanbul-Antalya route from the high-speed train.
On another issue, since the day I came to Kütahya, we have heard about our arrival in Kütahya, but today, when you leave Istanbul or Ankara, you are crossing Kütahya with the divided hot asphalt. Today, along with the 79-kilometer road where we will shoot the first knife, the transportation of our people living in our six districts, especially Gediz, is the main route that will enable Kütahya to reach the port of Izmir altogether. Everyone will probably appreciate the contribution this will contribute to the economy, trade and tourism of Kütahya. For this reason, the study on the divided road we are doing here today will be a route that can be used not only by a certain district, but also by all of the provinces, including freight transportation from the surrounding provinces to Izmir.
After that, all the routes within the province that will connect with the neighboring provinces are being handled. You remember the last holiday, ten of our citizens were at the bridge, and the road route was below the A1 standard, so it was the only place left in the old road, where the accident was. In fact, it is necessary to offer to friends perhaps, memory is said to be malaysis with five nisyan, people forget what is done from time to time, that route maybe to change the line and leave it there, we made a road on the stone road to the straight road.
When we look at the road standards we have made today, we see where the country came from. In the past, minibuses used to shout in Uşak, I used to think about Abide, Gediz, Kütahya. Kismet had to see it years later. But they used to tell how bad that road was from that time. When we look now, we have three contractors working at the distance from Kütahya to Gediz. Yesterday I went to the town of Emet. Our highways contractor works there, too. We continue on our way to Tavşanlı, Emet, Hisarcık and Simav, and I hope we have one or two shortcomings after completing the transportation problem in our province, and hopefully we will connect them from the old Gediz, Hisarcık to Emet in the coming period.
As of today, divided roads in our city has reached 217 km. 171 miles was hot asphalt. The last coating in the last ten years in the coating 1872 km a way. This means that in the last decade more or less 1 quadrillion roads have spent in our city. When you compare this to the years before that, it corresponds to 5.
I hope that the support of the political will to our province continues after that. It will contribute to the development of our city and the development of the infrastructure. As of the end of April, the number of vehicles in our province exceeded 177.000. This means that someone in 3 has a car. As long as the standard of life increases, it is our duty to develop the infrastructure of this, I hereby reiterate that our work will continue uninterruptedly with regard to taking all kinds of measures that will enable people to live in a comfortable and peaceful environment.
I wish our new route will be beneficial to this new way, I wish all employees, especially the employees of Bayburt Group, without any accident. I would like to reiterate that we will be in cooperation with both public and private partners in all kinds of investments in our province and that we will act together in the solution of all kinds of problems and problems. I thank you for your participation. Good luck.
The ceremony was organized by Governor Şerif Yılmaz with Kütahya Deputy Soner Aksoy, Deputy Governor Metin Selçuk, Gediz Governor Mehmet Yılmaz, Gediz Mayor M.Ali Saraoğlu, Provincial Assembly Speaker Musa Yılmaz, Highways 14. Regional Director Öner Özgür, Special Provincial Administration Secretary General Muhittin Şahin, department heads and members of the press attended.


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