Pebble neighborhood

Pebble stone neighborhood: Kecioren Atapark District 1299. Street neighborhood, complaining about the neglect of the neighborhood, pulled the flag of rebellion.
Ali Unal, the former headman of Atapark Mahallesi who claimed that there has been no asphalt and infrastructure works in the region for years, said: Mah Since 1992, this road has not been used asphalt, nor infrastructure works. They're pumping gravel over here. This road is pebbly when it rains, it turns into a retribution for the citizens Yağmur. "I'm ashamed of the neighborhood," said resident Bekir Telli tepsimini, "Our children can not go out and play games comfortably. We can't get into these roads with our cars. Asphalt is poured here, the municipality pours gravel. Buraya



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